How do you recognize a good rum?

With the growing selection of rums, have you ever wondered how to recognize a good rum? After all, the price range is very large. So how can you tell that you're holding a good rum in your hand?

Honestly, you won't find out just by holding it in your hand. There are many influencing factors that determine the taste of a good rum -

Age, origin, type of production or the transport route can be decisive.

So let's take a look at the most common ways of making rum: Basically, all rums are made from sugar cane. The most important types of distinction are the Rum Agricole (about 5%) and the most widespread Rum Industriel (about 95%). With him, the rum is made from molasses and not directly from the sugar cane juice.

Blended Rum

With blended rum, several distillates are combined. It's the best way to always achieve the same taste and quality. That's why we decided to use this method for our premium rum. Our master blender guarantees JJ's maneuver swallow consistently high quality. An age statement can also be found on some blended rums. In this case, this is the youngest rum that was processed. Since many rums would therefore have a very young age specification, many marketing departments refrain from specifying it. The age says nothing about the quality.

Solera Blended Rum

As with a sherry, the distillate passes through several different casks. Different vintages are mixed together. Here, too, the indication of age is not very meaningful, since the age of the oldest distillate is always given. It says nothing about the actual amount used in the rum. This means: There may be a hint of old rum, the rest may come from a very young variant. This information therefore says very little about the actual taste.

Single cask rum

The name might already give you an idea of ​​what makes this rum so special. A single cask rum is stored in just one barrel. That's why there is only as much of this rum as fits into the barrel. Each rum is unique and therefore particularly interesting for collectors.

Cask Strength Rum

Normally, rum is diluted with water after distillation and brought to an alcohol content of 37.5 percent or more. Most rums are around 40% (as is JJ's Maneuver Gulp). Diluting has a long tradition. The rum was already diluted in the Royal Navy ( LINK ). Cask Strength Rum, on the other hand, is not diluted and has 60 percent or more alcohol. Such strong rums are not for everyone and should not be drunk as a maneuver sip at sea. Learn more about the tradition of maneuver swallowing here ( LINK ).

rum blend

Rumverschnitte is a special type of rum production that was used in Germany to save on customs duties. In rum blend you will only find 5% rum concentrate. In order for the concentrate to be drinkable, it is diluted with alcohol and water.


If you buy a blended or Solera blended rum, please do not pay attention to the age statement. It has no meaning whatsoever! That's why you won't find any information about it on our bottle. Ultimately, taste and feeling are decisive when drinking rum - only trying helps! At JJs Manöverschluck, we have therefore consciously decided on a blended rum in order to always offer you the highest possible level of quality.