Set sail with
JJs Manöverschluck

That sailing feeling in every sip
New: Flavoured Bourbon
JJs Manöverschluck

Sail with taste

Immerse yourself in the taste of JJs Manöverschluck and feel the sea up close - choose your favorite Manöverschluck now!
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  • The taste of a sailing holiday in every glass
  • We contribute to the cleanliness of the seas with every bottle
  • 40% Vol.
  • Also ideal as a gift for sailors and maritime friends

The best cargo - our passion

Award-winning taste

Customers and experts agree on that. Our sailing spirits have won multiple awards for their delicious taste.

By sailors for sailors

Our goal was to find a new favorite drink for our own sailing trips. So we hoisted sail and created JJs Manöverschluck.

Seas free from plastic

Because protecting the oceans is important to us sailors, we donate 50 cents for every bottle o fJJs Manöverschluck sold to clean up our oceans.

Ideas from real sailing adventures

The sails were salvaged, the boat moored. Together we sat on deck in the sunset, felt the wind and the waves and reminisced about the successful sailing manoeuvres. That's when we came up with the idea for JJs Manöverschluc.