JJs Manöverschluck - by sailors for sailors and maritime friends

The sailing trip - our taste

You know that special moment: The sails are lowered, the boat anchors calmly in the bay and the glowing sun sinks into the sea after a wonderful sailing trip. Now, this calls for a drink that perfectly captures this unique atmosphere.

And since we couldn't find that specific drink, we decided to created it. And JJs Manöverschluck was born. In English, a Manöverschluck is maneuver shot, or sailing shot, meant to be drunk after successful sailing maneuvers.

The best cargo - our ingredients

For your optimal taste experience, we have combined JJs Manöverschluck with selected ingredients from the southern climates. Made from only the finest rum, refined in Germany with various delicacies, it can be enjoyed neat or on ice. The taste has already convinced numerous juries, which have awarded it gold several times.

The most beautiful berth - our design

Our eye-catching and award-winning bottle design embodies the maritime spirit of Manöverschluck. The orange color? Reminischent of sea buoys and life jackets. The logo? The abstract representation of the "search and rescue" man overboard maneuver. The colors blue and white? Sky, clouds, sails and sea, of course. And the stencil-like font? This is where it gets historical. Before there were modern containers, wooden boxes on ships used to be painted using stencils, which created this unique typeface. The bottle? Practical and handy, suitable for any sea climate. The cork? A tribute to the many beautiful wooden boats on our seas and lakes.

The cleanest sea - our contribution

We would also like to make our small contribution to preserving the environment, since neither fish, sailors or sea mammals want to sail in a sea of plastic. Therefore 50 cents from every bottle sold goes to projects that work to keep the seas clean.