We prefer to drink our JJs Manöverschluck pure or on ice.

For cocktail & long drink fans we have some recommendations that harmonize very well with JJs Manöverschluck.


Rum sour

- 4cl JJs Manöverschluck

- 1cl lemon juice

- Egg white of an egg

- A few drops of Angustora bitters for garnish


Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously. A whiskey glass or champagne glass is suitable for serving.


JJ's main brace

- 4cl JJs Manöverschluck

- 2 or 3 cl lime or lemon juice (fresh)


Pour JJs and the freshly squeezed juice into a glass with ice cubes and stir vigorously. You can also shake the ingredients first without ice and then pour them into a glass with ice cubes. Finally, garnish with a slice of lemon or lime.


JJ's Ice Tea

- 330ml black tea, e.g. Darjeeling or Ceylon (Ceylon has light citrus notes, so it goes very well). Please do not use Earl Gray tea for this. Earl Gray is infused with bergamot oil, which doesn't match the flavor of JJs Manöverschluck.

- Sliced ​​fruit: choice of lemons, oranges, peaches, nectarines

- 6cl JJs Manöverschluck


Boil 330 ml black tea. The tea can be a little stronger, as adding the ice cubes waters the tea down a bit. Then let the tea cool down and refrigerate. Once the tea is cold, pour the tea into a glass with ice cubes and the fruit. Pour on JJs Manöverschluck, stir and enjoy ice-cold.


Cuba Libre with Orange & Lemon

- 6cl JJs Manöverschluck

- Orange & lemon pieces

- Cola (tip: Fritz Cola)


Fill long drink glass with ice cubes, lemon and orange. Then pour JJs Manöverschluck with cola into the glass. Finally, garnish with the zest of a lemon and orange.


Dark 'n Horny

- 6cl JJ´s maneuver sip

- ginger beer (e.g. )

- Lime juice


Shake JJs Manöverschluck well in a shaker with the lime juice and pour into a glass with ice cubes. Then fill up with the ginger beer. Finally, add a wedge of lime to the glass as a garnish. (If you have peppermint, add a few leaves).


Sunshine lover

- 6cl JJs Manöverschluck

- A few basil leaves 

- Mango spritzer 330ml


Super easy drink: fill JJs Manöverschluck in a highball glass with a bottle of mango spritzer and garnish with fresh basil leaves.